About DLI Store

Message from our team
Welcome to DLI Store!

We are more than just an online store.  We are an extension of the Douglass Leadership Institute.  As such we share the same vision and mission, BUT.. we get to express it a little differently.  

Our motto

“Make a statement”

is meant to inspire you to share your faith and beliefs – visually.  We have a variety of items in the store – giving you many options to choose from.  Our USA based manufacturer provides quality materials, many different sizes and colors and shipping that is efficient (even during this covid crisis).

We are constantly adding new inventory and engaging with you via our Instagram page (Store.DLI).  Also be sure to join the VIP Club to get coupon codes and entries for all the latest contests.

We look forward to serving you.


Regina and Michaela

Team Members

Regina and Michaela
Regina V. Roundtree

Regina V. Roundtree

Store Manager

I have been with DLI from the beginning. DLI's commitment to their mission has been steadfast. I believe the addition of an online store will add an amazing dimension to what we can offer to the community.

Michaela Nelson

Asst. Manager

"I am currently serving as a Development Coordinator for DLI as well as assisting with media and merchandise efforts. I believe in the mission of DLI because I support their strong values and commitment to empowering leaders across the country."

Douglass Leadership Institute

Parent Organization

The Douglass Leadership Institute (DLI) is a national education and public policy 501(c)(3) organization with representatives and groups across the United States. DLI’s philosophy is based upon the sanctity of human life, the promotion of free market principles, and limited government.  Founded in 2015, DLI is the brainchild of Dean Nelson, a minister and veteran political and pro-life leader. Through Dean’s years of working with African American churches and advocacy for biblical worldview in the marketplace, it became clear that there was a need to bridge the gap between African American faith-based institutions, civil government and the civic world.


Thus, DLI was created to develop a network of faith-based leaders across the nation and provide them with uniquely tailored programs, information and social networking that will engage, equip and empower men and women of faith. So that men and women of faith need to not only take positions of leadership and prominence in our cities and businesses but to also come equipped with biblical worldview values to shape and influence policy in our nation.